Pattaya Taxi Service Start Price 1,000 Baht

Whether you’re travelling to Thailand at daytime or night, Jimmy Pattaya Taxi is your reliable host when you arrive. Operating in Pattaya and its neighboring towns like Bangkok, Don Muang, and Suvarnabhumi, we guarantee a world-class travel service that’s easy to love and recommend.

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Taxi in Pattaya. Cheap Taxi and Transfers

Pattaya Taxi Service Start Price 1,000 Baht

Get to you and take you to your destination in the quickest time possible


Toyota Camry


  • 4-Seater Car
  • Suiteable for 3 passengers maximum
  • Suiteable for a few luguages



  • 3-4 Seater Car
  • Suiteable for 4 passengers maximum
  • 3-4 persons + normal luggage.



  • 4-Seater Car
  • Suiteable for 4 passengers maximum
  • 4-5 persons + normal luggage.
Pattaya-Bangkok-Taxi-Minibus (1)



  • 9-12-Seater Car
  • Suiteable for 3 passengers maximum
  • 5-10 persons + normal luggage.

Why Choose Us?

Our aim is to facilitate that peace of mind you like by providing a suitable solution to the hectic and complicated public transport with our taxis. As such, we employ professional chauffeurs and use ultramodern vehicles to maximize safety and comfort of our customers. We envision not just to carry you around but to also make the ride stylish, impressive, and ultimately worth taking next time.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens to my booking when my flight delays?

Our customers’ needs always come first which means we’ll be there the exact time you land. To make sure we are reliable, we receive live updates of the arrival time of all the planes in the airports that we serve. 


1Are taxis in Pattaya expensive?
When compared to big international cities, taxis in Pattaya are comparatively cheap. With fares as little as 1000 baht (about $30), they are much more affordable compared to major cities. This makes taxis very convenient to travel in within Pattaya.
2Are taxis in Pattaya safe?
Generally, they are safe. Notwithstanding, it is best to call for a taxi beforehand rather than hailing one. If you are going to use an independent taxi provider, it is best to first inquire with a local or with the hotel where you are staying. Additionally, keep all valuables like cameras, jewelry, laptop, cash, and bank cards out of sight. Only, have your phone with you. It is paramount to take personal responsibility for your safety.
3Are the taxi rates per person?
No, the rates are charged per car. We have various vehicle types to allow our customers to travel conveniently as per their numbers. Our aim is to provide privacy and safety whilst cutting your travel costs for bigger savings.
4How do I know my driver?
After booking Jimmy Pattaya Taxi, we email all the details of the driver including the name, phone number, and photo. Besides, at the pickup point your chauffeur will have a placard with your name on it for easy identification.
5How do I book a Jimmy Pattaya Taxi?
Jimmy Pattaya Taxi offers a flexible and convenient online booking service on this page. Simply fill the customer form with all the necessary details and submit it to us. Alternately call or WhatsApp us on 087-554-9798 and we’ll place the reservation for you. We take the shortest time possible to approve and confirm all the bookings made by our customers.

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